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Vet reviews The Equine Scratcher

The Equine Scratcher is a safer, alternative method for horses to relieve their itch.

The three main factors causing itchy, sore skin of the horse are biting insects, allergies, and infections. Horses may also scratch because of boredom.

Promote Healthy Scratching Habits

For example, those who are restricted in small stalls or confined spaces become antsy, bored, and sometimes destructive.

The horse may develop unhealthy habits like chewing, cribbing, or scratching. Along with toys that will keep the horse occupied, the Equine Scratcher also provides relief for not only the horse’s itch, but promotes healthy scratching habits.

The Sweet Itch

Another reason for a horse's itch is called Summer season recurrent dermatitis, also known as “sweet itch” or “summer itch”. This is a horse’s allergic reaction to the saliva of a biting gnat, also referred to as “no-see-ums.”

Over the years, a horse’s skin will become more sensitive to said saliva.

They will constantly rub the bites (most commonly found on ears, tail head, rump, mane, and withers) as a result of itchiness and discomfort.

Having a safe place to scratch is important for the horse’s well being and could reduce redness, inflammation, irritation, hives, and hair loss in horses, especially from bug bites.

When it comes to horses allergies, their allergic reaction is most commonly present in the skin or the respiratory system.

Allergic reaction in the skin will cause the horse to scratch vigorously just to satisfy their itchy hives.

It is important for horses to have a safe scratching post that will help rather than harm.