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Products are offered as enrichment tools that provide opportunities and solutions for horses to engage in important natural behaviours, such as scratching, rubbing, playing, and bonding.

About The Owner: Susan Lyon

Fair Mare Products' owner and founder, Susan Lyon, started the company in 2008 after discovering a need in the market for products to improve the lives of horses.

A lifelong animal lover, Susan believes that in their servitude to humans, animals should be given opportunities to engage in natural tendencies and behavior that make them happy.

She innovated Fair Mare Products products -The Equine Scratcher and The Right Angle Scratcher - with horses’ best interests in mind. The products provide solutions for horses to engage in natural behavior such as scratching, which in turn, increase well-being and reduce stress.

A formidable entrepreneur, Susan opened, and later sold, Canada’s first five Curves circuit exercise establishments before starting Fair Mare Products. Susan grew up in Southern California and graduated from the University of Miami in Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in business marketing.

Susan lives in SW Florida, with her husband and children.