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Original Equine Scratcher

This is the original Equine Scratcher, trusted since 2008.

The Equine Scratcher is made of a durable, textured panel that can be mounted to stall walls and pasture posts. This long lasting durable horse scratcher is made of a polyethylene material and measures 10.5″ x 25″.

Easy to install, it comes with all the necessary hardware included. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Having a horse scratcher for your animals ensures they can safely scratch their coat without causing any damage.

The Equine Scratcher provides a solution for safe scratching.

Many kept horses today have lost their natural outlets to scratch. Lack of trees, hot wire fencing and smooth paddock rails leave horses looking for the most abrasive thing they can find, resulting in undesirable spots to scratch. Often, these spots lead to injury, including broken skin, puncture wounds, or missing hair.

Essential Horse Scratching Posts

Without access to their natural ways to scratch, horses can end up looking for the most abrasive objects they can find. This can cause damage to them and your property.

This can lead to injury such as including broken skin, puncture wounds, or missing hair.

Having a scratching option available for your animals also reduces any potential injury, as it tries to scratch with available resources.

Affordable, Long lasting Horse Scratcher

The Equine Scratcher is an affordable solution for animal scratching. It is durable and will hold up to your animals force.

The Equine Scratcher has nothing on the surface protruding for the animal to bite on, just the essentials, ensuring they are happy and content.

The Equine Scratcher is a:

  • Flexible textured panel
  • Made of Polyethylene material, not rubber
  • UV additive for temperate climates
  • Lessens any damage to property
  • Allows animal to safely scratch
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe, non-toxic
  • Durable, long lasting
  • Measuring 10.5″ x 25″
  • Can be mounted on pasture posts and stall walls
  • Reduces injury

Happy Horses Are Essential

The Equine Scratcher is an affordable way for a horse to properly and safely scratch. Let us help you, keep your horses happy.

Fair Mare innovates and manufactures unique horse scratching post solutions, designed to promote equine happiness and well-being.

Keep Your Horse Happy

Scratching is a natural tendency for horses, promoting circulation, blood flow, and a feeling of well-being.

Made of a durable polyethylene material, not rubber, this product will not pull your horse’s hair. The Equine Scratcher’s unique surface design also has no protruding nodules to bite, and allows horses to get a great rub even if they have a blanket on. Use the Equine Scratcher indoors or outdoors.

It’s totally maintenance free! (Mounting hardware is included with purchase.)

Please visit our Where To Buy page for more information on available stores near you and to purchase online.