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Your horses get itchy, you see it. They will find anything to rub up against to satisfy that itch. This behavior can cause damage to the animal both physically and mentally as well as to your property.

Fair Mare has designed 2 durable and uniquely shaped equine scratchers to fit your space and needs. They can be installed right in the stalls in a barn on fence posts, corners or walls.

The Equine Scratcher and the Right Angle Scratcher both provide great solutions for safe and easy scratching for your horses.

Providing a safe option way for your horse or other animal to scratch, is essential for their health and well being.

Fair Mare Products' Equine Scratching products are:

  • Safe, non-toxic
  • Long-lasting, UV additive for temperate climates
  • Lessens any damage to property
  • Allows animal to safely scratch
  • Maintenance free
  • Use indoors or outdoors, on stalls, fencing, walls ect
  • Trusted since 2008

Essential for any animal lover providing a safe way to scratch that itch!

Our two products for equine scratching come in different shapes and sizes to ensure you get the best in essential horse care.  See our What We Make page for more details. 
Fair Mare’s Equine Scratching products also provide opportunities and solutions for horses to engage in important natural behaviours, such as rubbing, playing, and bonding.

Discover our popular horse scratching post solutions including the Equine Scratcher and Right Angle Scratcher.

The Equine Scratcher provides a solution for safe scratching. Many kept horses today have lost their natural outlets to scratch.

The Original Equine Scratcher is a unique horse scratching post solution. It easily installs on walls or posts and provides a safe place for horses to scratch. The Equine Scratcher has a unique surface design, and is a  flexible 10.5″ x 25″ panel.

Keep your horses happy. The Right Angle Scratcher provides a safe, corner scratching solution for your horses.

The Right Angle Scratcher is corner solution. It comes 3 scratchers to a pack and is perfect for using on tight spaces and on doors. Shaped to fit on a corner, The Right Angle Scratcher is ideal for limited space or for lots of scratching options.