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Essential Horse Care

Providing a safe scratching post for your horse or other pet or livestock is truly an important part of an essential healthy animal routine. Animals need to be allowed to safely scratch as part of their essential care. 
When animals engage in important natural behaviours like scratching, they can also be playing, bonding and self grooming. These types of activities are essential in a horse care routine to reduce stress levels in an animal, enhancing their well-being and overall quality of life.    

The Equine Scratcher Horse Care Solution by Fair Mare Products

Fair Mare’s Equine Scratching products allow your animal to safely scratch on a durable, flexible waffle shaped panel, that can be installed right in their pen, on a door or wall. The Equine Scratchers provide your horses with lots of opportunities to scratch at their leisure. 

We even have scratchers that are designed to fit in the corners, saving you space and providing lots of scratching potential. 

Uniquely Designed Scratchers Enhance Quality of Life in Horses  

The Original Equine Scratcher is a flat, flexible panel that resembles a waffle, 10.5″ x 25″ in size. You install it on walls, fence posts or barn stalls to easily create a scratching post for your horse, cow, goat or other animal.  

The Right Angle Scratcher is our uniquely shaped corner scratcher. Great to place on doors, posts, or corner walls. This product is a great value, with 3 to a pack.   

Innovative Equine Scratching Solutions

The Equine Scratcher products are available through Tack stores in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia as well as online worldwide. Visit our Where To Buy page for more information on available stores near you and to purchase online.  

Fair Mare innovates and manufactures unique horse scratching post solutions, designed to promote equine happiness and well-being.